Parks Climate Challenge

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Program Evaluation
The evaluation for this program has two primary audiences (teachers and students) and two secondary audiences (training institutes and national parks).  The evaluation is scheduled to be complete by December 2011.  Until then, please read more about our evaluation tools and logic model.

Evaluation Methods

Teacher Pre-test
Prior to the teacher training, program managers will administer a survey and pre-test of teachers experience, attitude and knowledge. Both the survey and pretest were developed by Applied Research Northwest (ARN) with educational institutes, National Park Service staff and the National Park Foundation reviewing drafts. The climate literacy test instrument aligns with short-term outcomes of the program and is based on the Yale Project for Climate Change Communications with permission from the authors.

Teacher Post-Training Retest
At the close of the teacher training and before participants leave, program managers will administer a retest of teachers along with a final survey. ARN will match these responses to pre-training responses and report on training outcomes by September 2012.

Post-training Grantee Report
After all nine trainings are completed, PCC grantees (national park staff and/or institutes) will complete a survey regarding their activities and accomplishments over the summer. This information will be added to the training outcomes for the September report.

Teacher Follow Up Interview and End of Year Survey
In January 2013, a sample of teachers from each site will be interviewed regarding the implementation of their training in the classroom and their service learning project. Finally, in May 2013, using participant contact information provided by the institutes, ARN will contact teachers by email and provide an online questionnaire for them to complete. The questionnaire was developed by ARN to align with mid-term outcomes for the teachers and students.

Student Learning Outcomes
ARN has developed a student assessment tool for use with a sample of teachers (4 per site, 32 total, estimated 1000 student assessments completed, plus an optional, self-assessment opportunity for all other participants).

Grantee Reports
Grantees will provide a post-training report in August and a final report on activities to the National Park Foundation in May 2013. The content of the final report will align with the outcomes for institutes and parks and will be designed by ARN with the assistance of the National Park Foundation.

National Parks Foundation Parks Climate Challenge Program Logic Model
Goal: Develop a nationally replicable model of teacher training that equips teachers to effectively teach their students about the impacts and causes of climate change using National Parks as a classroom, either directly or remotely.

View Logic Model (PDF)

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