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How To Engage
The Parks Climate Challenge program operates under the assumption that student learning occurs not just in the classroom, but is enhanced when they participate in the process of solving climate change issues through hands-on action and service. Whether your students are near to, or far from, a national park, they can engage in service projects aimed at either raising awareness about the impacts of climate change on national parks or actively engaging in projects that mitigate those effects.

This section of the website provides guidelines, resources, and examples to inspire and assist you in planning your own service project. Many of these resources have been submitted by teachers around the country. You can contribute to this growing collection of knowledge and tools by logging in and submitting your own Project Examples and Shared Resources. Together, all these resources work together to fill your arsenal of training tools:

Step 1: Project Examples – Check out project examples completed by Parks Climate Challenge participants from around the country. Once you have completed your project, log in so that you can upload videos, pictures, or documents and see it featured here. 

Step 2: Project Templates – Look through successful service project plans from teachers who participated in a Parks Climate Challenge in-person training. Benefit from their experience and lessons learned. You can also download a blank project template to plan and execute a successful project in your own school, community, or national park.

Step 3: Shared Resources – Inspire and motivate other teachers by sharing resources you have found useful in the classroom.

Step 4 – View the videos below that were filmed at a Parks Climate Challenge training to see teachers being instructed in the process of creating an action plan for their project. 

Taking Action
Listen in as educators discuss four kinds of actions you can empower your students to take to do something about climate change.

Composting with Your Class
Turn your lunchroom leftovers into nutrient-rich compost!

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