Parks Climate Challenge

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About The Program
The goal of the Parks Climate Challenge program is to train teachers to educate students about climate change using national parks as classrooms. We aim to accomplish this goal through in-person trainings that take place in select national parks during the summer months, organizing the best tools from those trainings in this online resource and allowing teachers to self-train.

These two training delivery mechanisms (in-person and online) provide participating teachers the opportunity to learn how to teach as well as the resources to teach climate change in the classroom using national parks. Both methods also encourage teachers to take an additional step by developing hands-on service projects with their students through a national park experience. 

Recognizing that not every teacher can bring their students to a national park, our service project model is flexible enough to accommodate in-park service as well as service projects that are directed at learning through national parks, but take place outside of their boundaries. This flexibility truly allows the Parks Climate Challenge model the potential for national reach.
The National Park Foundation is the national charitable partner of the National Park Service.
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